The Regent of Cycoldia is an office held traditionally by the Royal Consort. The first ever Regent to be appointed was Eva Yaren, who later became a Princess of Cycoldia following her resignation from the post of Regent. The Regent acts in place of the monarch if the monarch is Summi Imperatoria if she has declared herself inable to execute the duties of her office for a temporary amount of time. An example may be during a three day period following August 25th 2019, in which Eva Yaren had been appointed as the Regent of Cycoldia, and had continued the management of foreign diplomacy and foreign affairs, while citizenship requests were shut down during this time, the modern policy is to instead differ them to the Council of Citizenship and for all other governmental functions to resume to their normal duties and instead differ to the Regent. It is highly uncommon for the monarch to declare herself to be inable to execute the duties of her office, and this has only happened twice within Cycoldian history. The Regent is styled as His/Her/Their Illustrious Highness as per Privy Council Order No. 2.

Flag of the Regency of Eva Yaren

Flag of the Regency of Kleinmann Kümmel

Flag of the Regency of Ekaterina Elswick

Flag of the Regency of Alex de Jager

Flag of the Regency of Sillipha Wither-Rose

Flag of the Regency of Sage Newcom