MoH Releases Preliminary Results and Estimates

COVID-19 Report Updated

Following the recent survey by Her Imperial Majesty's Ministry of Health and Statistic-Dime the Grandeur Print has received, from the MoH, updates regarding the survey as it is being conducted. As of today (March 26th), with 17 people having responded there is a total number of cases recorded among the families of Cycoldian citizens of 20 since the pandemic started, with 4 people having died due to the virus. Reports show that if this trend of results is followed and if current numbers do reflect the whole that an estimated 39 people having died of SARS-CoV-2 in the families of Cycoldian citizens and an estimated 195 people having caught it and 156 of those people having survived through the virus. More updates are to be given as this MoH Survey reaches it's eventual end, though the current possibilities are frightening to say the least.