Vishwamitra: A Cascade of Lies

Vishwamitra, a micronation which has demanded respect within this community for well over a year now, but after a closer look it is built on a house of cards. The actions as of recent are exemplary of the reality, a man clinging to the little power remaining in his coffers.

The Lie of Foundations

Vishwamitra claims to have been founded in the year of 2007, which on its face seems quite impressive, but it is simply a mask. Behind it sits that it was simply a Children's Group at the time, which considering the current stance of the reliance on micronational seriousness it seems laughable to expect seriousness out of their allies while being rotten at home, their claims simply show that they are not serious in themselves, and solely rely upon the idea that they are.

According to their falsified history they claim they functioned as a micronation in 2010, in which they simply only added the word "Republic" to the words of Children's Group. No sensible person would claim that a Children's Group functions as a nation in any capacity, though Dhrub and Vishwamitra states that somehow it follows its seriousness despite this glaring flaw.

Within this lie as well there is one truth, that Vishwamitra at the earliest may stake claim as the "Commonwealth of the Friends Society" as the 3rd of August 2019, and at the latest being the 8th of June 2020 when they finally declared themselves as Vishwamitra. This though is not what they claim, which is interesting considering Vishwamitra's very high expectations that all other than they shall hold themselves to high metrics

The Lie of Dignity of Honours

When Vishwamitra gives a designation of honour to someone, it is normally seen to be a coveted award, but in reality, the opposite is true. The awards of Vishwamitra are some of the most given out awards in all of micronationalism, making getting one of their awards not a huge deal, they are given to everyone, so they may as well be given to nobody. Now you may ask "well what is wrong with this, they are giving awards out to who they wish" and normally this would be a perfectly fine system, you would be correct. The issue comes of that the way they give them, they give them not for favour, but as a way to get themselves more known, and to disperse their own self across the community by being listed on many many pages.

The way that these honours are given not only undersells their value, but undersells the dignity of the recipient, as when a Vishwamitran award is given, the recipient becomes little more than free advertising space, and the larger the accumulation of awards the larger the free advertising.

The Lie of Activity

While Vishwamitra is active this is simply because of foreign officials keeping the lights on, within it is an unstable structure without supports, the only thing keeping Vishwamitra alive is the foreign relations and the foreign people working within Vishwamitra. There is nearly none to no local support to Vishwamitra that is identifiable, with an old proposal by Dhrub himself to widdle down the government to solely locals failed as over 90% of all high ranking government officials are from other micronations or are not local to Vishwamitra. The idea that Vishwamitra is strong by itself is a well guarded deception, trying to make sure to keep the idea that it is strong despite the many glaring flaws in construction.

The Lie of Democracy

Vishwamitra pretends that there is a fully democratic process within it, even though Dhrub rules the nation in a way akin to that of dictators past, where he shall pass through any measure he wishes without the support of the people or his own government, with him only being talked out of ideas if the government really really pushes, such as in the citation of the old proposal by Dhrub of widdling down the government. The system of Vishwamitra without Dhrub is like a car with no steering wheel and no brakes, it crashes and burns quickly, not because the people in the drivers seat are not intelligent and skilled, but because Dhrub has developed the nation in the way to rely on him, and to rather handicap the foreign assistance and community nation level support he has.


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