Most Serene Republic of Sequeria

The Most Serene Republic of Sequeria, formerly the Most Serene Republic of Richensland, is a full member of the Cycoldian Imperium of whom the Prime Minister of it is HH Amelia Banks. It formerly has caused some controversy in the displayed thirteen points written by HIM Christina I & II to the Richensland government, which was not implemented by the at the time Prime Minister, Aniq Sufyan. This culminated in Sufyan submitting his resignation following his advocacy of Sharia Law received round critique from the Cycoldian government. After his resignation Lacey-Scott was made the Prime Minister, though Sufyan disputed his holding of the office. Sufyan later resigned from his pretender government to Bhuvan Pathuri, who then later conceded the dispute to Lacey-Scott, with the document as well countersigned by Sufyan. Sufyan continued to claim that he was the Prime Minister despite this, until the Richensland-Cycoldia Separation Agreement certified that Sufyan had left the Imperium. This as well certified that the true successor to the government of Richensland is the Most Serene Republic of Sequeria. Later, Arthur Lacey-Scott had resigned as Prime Minister in lieu of Amelia Banks as his successor.

The National Flag of Sequeria

The Colonial Flag of Sequeria