Infobox modules broken, reports users

On Febuary 18, 2022, MicroWiki@Discord members reported in the channel: #wiki-support about broken infoboxes on the official website.

Reports and lack of response from MicroWiki staff

The first report, from the Kingdom of Salanda, asked: 'What has happened to all to Infobox’s? I can’t see my Infobox.' [*sic*] When suggested to contact a Wiki Administrator by another server member, Salanda pinged Wiki Administrator Anthony Clark, whose status said 'Do Not Disturb' Anthony Clark did not respond. None of the other MicroWiki staff were active during the incident.

Accusation against MicroProject Standard Infoboxes and the solution

A server member blamed the 'standardizing' efforts of MicroProject Standard Infoboxes, a MicroProject working on standardizing MicroWiki articles led by MicroWiki user MattL.

Dhrubajyoti Roy, an administrator of MicrowWiki, noted that it was due to some tinkering in Module:NavBox. The error was later fixed by Christina Nowell.

Above: The article "Kingdom of Salanda" during the error
Below: The article "Kingdom of Salanda after the error was fixed


Briallen Tremberth

Briallen Tremberth is a staff writer for Grandeur Print and is the Head of the MicroWiki Division of Grandeur Print. They joined in 2022 and have had experience in micronational news with the paper of the Trependeryn Times and is the head of Teledu Preifat Cwnpan.

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