Cycoldia has several nobles, with the highest noble peerage not held by a royal being the Duchess of Denver. A list of nobles is held in lists of the Peerage of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia Vol. 2. A list of nobles is below listed by creation of peerage:

The list of Barons are listed below, whom are not members of the peerage but rather hold the title without the distinct title of a meritorious peerage and their titles are not hereditary. They are listed in order of their creation:

* - Under the Privy Council Order No. 3, Kleinmann Kümmel and Alex de Jager's peerages were reduced to life peerages rather than hereditary, and do not pass onto their heirs.
** - These noble titles were previously held by Sammy von Pike, Moradin Fenri, and Arthur Lacey-Scott, but were stripped from them for various reasons.