MicroWiki's Press Censorship

MicroWiki has stated that they wish to take down the article written by Grandeur Print regarding the situation in MicroWiki. The reason for this was stating the name of the user which was banned (this article is not going to name the user for the reason to comply with MicroWiki).

Take-down Notice

Today at 14:45, Mr. Andrew Creed requested the Editor-in-Chief of the Grandeur Print in removing the name of the individual focused in the last article. However, this request was denied by citing both press independence and the individual in question being referred to by their MicroWiki username, not their real-life name. On the other hand, Mr. Creed has cited the reason for removal as the perceived individual has been the bane of targeted harassment related to the matter. As well, a new policy has been instituted in place stating that no article on the main MicroWiki page may state the said individual’s name or username in any capacity.

It is the opinion of the editorial staff of the Grandeur Print that such an encroachment upon the newspaper’s liberty borders upon censorship. This is compounded by the fact Mr. Creed has stated the complete retraction of the said article in question that was objected to in the first place. However, this comes into conflict with previous guidance issued by the MicroWiki staff in regard to allowing press freedom and editorial liberty. Furthermore, this encroachment is to be seen as not only partial towards the individual in question, as no other example of request of retraction has been located by the editorial staff. While Grandeur Print has not yet had the article removed from MicroWiki, Mr. Creed has stated that “the article [in question] will be removed, unfortunately”. However, the Editor-in-Chief has declined either motion taken by the MicroWiki staff. Mr. Creed further stated that “[He is] in complete support of freedom of the press within the online micronational community, but we also have to be mindful of the well-being of others”.

The Grandeur Print continues to stress that it or its editorial team has not in any way condoned or have become a harbinger of harassment towards the individual in question.

Opinion Piece

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