General Assembly

The General Assembly of Cycoldia is the primary legislative body of Cycoldia and her Imperium abroad. It is elected by the citizens of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, with one non-voting seat reserved for each full member of the Cycoldian Imperium. While sittings of the General Assembly are not publicly shown, representatives of partial member states of the Imperium may view sessions of the General Assembly. The General Assembly is majority led by the Monarchist Party, with nine of the fifteen seats being held by Monarchist Party and three of the five non-voting seats held by Monarchist Party members.

The General Assembly is represented and led by the Prime Minister, who is one of three presiding officers of the General Assembly, the other two being the Speaker and Deputy Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is nominated by the majority political party and confirmed each year after the term of the last Prime Minister ends. The Speaker is chosen as the leader of the majority party, unless there is no majority party, then the speaker is to be elected by the General Assembly. The Deputy Prime Minister is either elected by the general population or selected by the Prime Minister.

A graph of the General Assembly is found below:

Monarchist Party (9)
Monarchist Coalition (1)
Tulip Party (3)
Labour Party (1)
New Liberals (1)

Monarchist Party (3)
Independent (1)
Vacant (1)

Voting Members of the General Assembly:

Non-Voting Members of the General Assembly: