Census Data from the Office of the Summi Imperatoria

Statistics Given on Citizenship Applications

The Office of the Summi Imperatoria, on behalf of the Committee of Citizenship, has released data of responses of Cycoldian citizens to questions, and the demographics of the population.

Reported Loyalty to the Crown

When asked on a scale of 1-10 to rate their loyalty to the Crown of Cycoldia, 93.5% of Cycoldia's population rated their loyalty as 50% or over, according to the Office of the Summi Imperatoria, acting for the Committee of Citizenship due to the recent government suspension. 25.1% of the population of Cycoldia rated that they were 100% loyal to the crown of Cycoldia, showing the crown's immense loyalty given, although 6.5% rated their loyalty at 40% or lower, with a majority of those though rating theirs at a 40% (3.7% of the 6.5%). A chart showing these is pictured below.

Reported Gender and Political Data

According to responses, approximately 79.4% of Cycoldians identify as Male, 16.9% identifying as Female, and 3.7% identifying as Non-Binary, although it has been stated that there may be a margin of error due to unchanged documents of some citizens who have requested it to be changed due to technological limitations. As well 27.3% of all citizens identify as a monarchist, and more citizens identify as leftists than people on the right wing, though 16.5% of citizens identify as centrists.