Democratic Front Cracks

The Democratic Front Falls

Today the last member of the former juggernaut of the Democratic Party has left the party to only the one member remaining. The Unitary Party broke away on February 22 2020, being the final nail in the coffin of the old Democratic Front. The only remaining member of the Democratic Party is Eovnia Smith, who leads the party. The last member to leave, Anna Telford, spoke to us, saying that the "party is very inactive" and that "they should interact with their members more". The fall of the Party seems to also be aligned with that the leader of the party left on the 8th of February 2020. The former leader left to become the sole General Assembly member of the newly made Constitutionalist Party, in which the Monarchists then signed a coalition agreement with the Democratic Party.

Etukan Continues Misinformation

Etukan seems to be silent, but from what our Print has been able to tell they are attempting to support the rebellion, such as their leader saying that they would attempt to gain back Cycoldian trust to simply betray us afterwards, this being after Christina I offered them peace and recognition. The Cycoldian government continues to remain fervent that the area of Tequorovidea is Cycoldian territory.