Line of Succession

The line of succession is decided by HIM Christina I & II as she is the sitting monarch of Cycoldia, and therefore has the authority to decide her line of succession as per the Succession Act of 2022, Article Three of the Cycoldian Constitution, and the 2022 Amendments to Imperial Order 1.0. The current line of succession is defined by Christina I & II as:

According to Imperial Order 1.0, if all people who are related to the monarch under absolute primogeniture are deceased or incapable of holding office then the line of succession is to be:

There as well is a nicknamed "Last Resort" section which states that if there are no possible eligible people who may ascend to the crown then the Chief Marshal and Chief of CSDF are to establish a pseudo regency council while the Department of the Royal Records attempts to locate any possible eligible people, if there are none then a new monarch is to be elected then the former Imperial Cabinet will elect a new monarch out of the citizens of Cycoldia.