Grand Duchy of Dathuria

The Grand Duchy of Dathuria, formerly known as the Territory of Dathuria, is a full member state of the Cycoldian Imperium, which joined Cycoldia after their Duke swore allegiance to Christina I & II in her capacity as Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia. Following this, Anthony, Duke of Dathuria, became the Colonial Representative of Dathuria until the Colonial Representation Act standardised his office to be the Non-Voting Representative of Dathuria in the General Assembly as well as Duke of Dathuria. Dathuria is the second oldest joining of Cycoldia by a separate nation, and the first ever micronation to be formally annexed before then being changed to holding Imperium status by Imperial order 2.7. Following the announcement of  Viceregal Order No.3, Kevon Burnett, the Colonial Governor and Viceroy of Dathuria, was appointed as Grand Duke, therefore making him the Head of Government of Dathuria.

Current National Flag of Dathuria

Current Colonial Flag of Dathuria