United Federation of Lur

The United Federation of Lur, formerly known as the Joint-Crown Territory of Lur, is a full member state of the Cycoldian Imperium, and crowned Christina I & II on July 8th 2019 as their monarch following the abdication of the former monarch. Following that, it was declared a Joint-Crown Territory of Cycoldia, which was at the time used to mean a territory of Cycoldia which acted as sovereign and was technically a separate crown. Later on within the history of Lur, Cycoldia negotiated a land dispute with another local micronation located on Sea Isle City. Lur was incorporated into the Cycoldian Imperium upon its foundation with Imperium Order 2.7. The flag of Lur has been widely criticised including its former colonial flag due to an issue with a transparency effect of the national flag of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

Former National Flag of Lur

Former Colonial Flag of Lur

Current Colonial and National Flag of Lur