MicroWiki Recently, An Update

Recently there have been many goings on within MicroWiki and MicroWiki@Discord, with the hole in journalism about this current extremely pressing issue, this article is being made as a piece to be able to catch up with regarding the current goings on. Many issues have sprung up recently, including the total loss of the entire server of MicroWiki@Discord, this article covers them briefly, but it is hoped to still expand on topics in the future. For any contact regarding updates to this or if you wish to contact Grandeur Print about this article, please email grandeurprintnews@gmail.com.

Reaction to Z Luna Skye's Unbanning

On the 29th of January, 2022, MicroWiki decided to unban the user who goes by the name on the platform of Z Luna Skye. This was met with critisism by multiple users who were directed to go to, Mike Lewis, who had made the decision to unban the user. After that a ceaseline was made on the MicroWiki@Discord area to hopefully tamper further complaints being sent to the wrong person, that being Andrew Creed. Prior the ceaseline however, a petition was formed by Cameron Scott (also known as Cameron Koehler or Cameron I of Ikonia), Sophia Albina, and Leon Montan. The petition outlined the wrongdoings of the user historically and asked for their ban to stay, which also included the demand for the removal of Andrew Creed was added. Saying that it demanded "The immediate resignation of Andrew Creed as MicroWiki admin and any leadership positions within the community". This addition confused some, but seemed to others as almost second nature about how they wished for his removal due to the ceaseline from before. Following this Andrew Creed resigned from the Board of Directors of Statistic-Dime after Liam Alexander, the CEO, had attempted improperly to oust him from the company. Christina I also resigned as Public Relations Secretary and from her post on the Board of Directors citing the improper attempt at removing Mr. Creed. Alexander said of the incident that both of them were "replaceable" whenever they had submitted resignations.

A Rapid Escalation

The night of these incidents occurring, Cameron Scott, a founder of the petition, used a bot to be able to do a "nuking" of the server MicroWiki@Discord, which had been a staple of the community at large for years. This resulted in a ban on hundreds and hundreds of users, but was met with applause by the side of the petition, who had by then been referring to themselves as "MicroWiki Justice" (who will be referred to as "Petitioners" in this article as to not cause confusion with any affiliation to MicroWiki). Multiple users who supported the Petitioners even explicitly endorsed the actions of Cameron Scott, saying his actions were justified or necessary. Following this as well MicroWiki changed to a new server which had been created, keeping it private at the time to verify users. During this time the Petitioners had made a server for themselves and had claimed themselves as a new community hub. Following the attack on MicroWiki@Discord, Cameron Scott and Sophia Albina were both banned from MicroWiki, citing "Vandalism" as the official reason for the ban of Cameron Scott, and "Intimidating behaviour/harassment " for the ban on Sophia Albina.

The Events So Far

On the 31st of January, some statements were released by the Petitioners calling various members of the MicroWiki Admin team "questionable pedophiles"and "questionable racists" with an image, followed by an image which had parts removed and added to the new image was posted from them, which the first ended with the statement "MICROWIKI@DISCORD DESERVED IT", seemingly justified Mr. Scott's attack on the platform prior to it. It also critisised all members of MicroWiki Staff, including Andrew Creed, Jonathan Austen, Dhrubajyoti Roy, Charles Ross, Anthony Clark, Matthew Hubbard, Harry Fitzpatrick, and Mike Lewis a majority of which have not had anything to do with the unbanning of Z Luna Skye and many of whom have made no statements about the issues that have transpired afterwards. The first one also included the phrase "1996 DESERVED BANS" which was a reference to the number of people who were banned from MicroWiki@Discord by Cameron Scott. It also stated that MicroWiki has no female staff, which while true seems to have no actual purpose being included in this image. It then also stated that they were "All close to Jon [referring to Jonathan Austen] or sycophants". The image goes on to levy heavy critiques towards each member, with only one lick of evidence, which lacks context or any other details of it. The critiques given in it go as the following:
Andrew Creed: the image seems to critique his way of management, accusing him of silencing discussion. It also alleges that he silenced a minor for safeguarding concerns, with "drunk-texts" and insults him by calling him a "anti-social moron."
Jonathan Austen: the image also alleges that he is inept in the face of crisis, and that he refuses to take accountability for his staff team, before then insulting him saying he "can't run a community whatsoever"
Some other notable pieces on it include alleging that Mike Lewis "doesn't even know what his f***ing position is" and that he "immediately started acting like a jerk when confronted about [the user]". It also seemingly calls Matthew Hubbard (who's name is misspelled as Matthew Hubbord) a nobody, despite his notability in the Czech sector.

Interview with Maximilian

We sat down with Maximilian von Schroeder (also known as Maximilian von Meister) to ask them multiple questions about this as they were a member of the Petitioner's server and is a member of the new MicroWiki@Discord, here is that interview:
Q: What was your reaction to Sophia and Cameron about their bans from MicroWiki
A: My reaction was that I was shocked, am I happy they are banned? No. Is it deserved? Yes.
Q: Did they make any statements about their own bans in the server?
A: In regard to their bans? Only them stating that it's unjust.

Q: Okay, and also how did you feel about MicroWiki's response to a lot of it, do you feel MicroWiki was justified?
A: Do I feel the bans were justified? Yes. Do I believe that the MicroWiki staff are also in the wrong for what has happened? Yes.
Q: In what way was MicroWiki then responsible or in the wrong for what has occured?
A: The MicroWiki admins are in the wrong for unbanning a person who poses an extreme danger to the children of the community. I will not name names, but that's about it.
Q: What steps do you think need to be taken by the MicroWiki team going forwards?
A: I think the discord server for the microwiki community needs to be managed by a whole seperate mod team. But I am liking the steps they are taking with verification being through your MicroWiki Account.
Q: Do you think that the Petitioners (MicroWiki Justice thing) are in the right on their points, or do you think they are being wholly unreasonable?
A: I think the original idea of having a petition to fight the unban of Zed is perfectly logical. But I do think they have taken it too far.
Q: I think that's a sentiment a lot of people can agree with, now do you have any closing statements?
A: Both sides, please come together and listen to eachother. This constant sitting back and doing nothing is quite honestly annoying.

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