Austenasian Foreign Office Permits Requests

For the first time in eight years, the Austenasian Foreign Office is set to permit requests for mutual relations and relations in general for a two week gap. It is set to begin this two week period starting on July third this year.

How This Came To Be

On June 26th, 2022 the Austenasian Foreign Office announced it's wish to open this two week gap, with later publication of this by the Austenasian Times. In this they had said that “beginning 3 July and until 17 July, we are temporarily lifting this policy to allow any interested nations to contact us with a request for foreign relations which will be considered.” This comes due to a recent cabinet meeting in which the Prime Minister of Austenasia, William Wilson, had suggested the plan. We reached out to Lord Wilson regarding the plan and he said:

"In essence, our diplomatic policy has not explicitly changed. We will continue to not consider unsolicited requests for diplomacy. The change agreed by myself and the Emperor, is that the Foreign Office will be soliciting requests for the two-week period. Other aspects of our diplomatic policy will also be considered in requests, such as recognition of Imperial rank."

The History

On March 24 th, 2014, the Austenasian Foreign Office had announced that it no longer would seek out new relations in a statement from the at the time Prime Minister and Chief Ambassador Eritoshi Augusta who had ended up deciding that Austenasia would no longer accept requests, and instead would wish to seek out relations in the future when it wishes to. This policy has stayed in place for eight years, though it seems now to be lessening up with the recent plans as released by the Austenasian Times.


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