Dracul Effectively Bans Free Speech

Today on the 18th of January 2022, Dracul officially decided to enforce Executive Order 0005 into law, which effectively banned critical speech towards the government. This decision is eerily similar to many decisions from the CCP or CPSU during their times, as it has effectively banned almost all disagreement with other Draculians.

Executive Order 0005

In the text of Executive Order 0005, it declares that "When an individual disagrees with another, they are to respectfully disagree and part ways if a compromise cannot be reached." In this declaration it effectively bans any public disagreements, and compels the speech of Draculians to state that they may not publicly disagree with others. In this also it states that it classifies "character assassination" as "attempting to ruin the reputation for another for not conforming to opposing views, such as publishing statements verbally, written, or digitally, while those statements contain misinformation or blur the line of the disagreement", which in the vague writing that it is in could even qualify that if Grandeur Print was located within Dracul that even possibly this story may be censored as it disagrees with the Draculian Government and is published. In this way this executive order both stifles free speech and the ability to have freedom of the press.

Furthermore in this Executive Order it states that "Statements of disagreement with others or disapproval of others is freedom of speech; will not be infringed upon" before then going on to state how the same order shall infringe upon that same freedom of speech, even including that verbal statements may be considered in violation of the order. This entire Order as well comes on the cusp of Dracul classifying the diplomatic incident that occurred on January 11th as a "personal disagreement", in which Dracul 1 News (the government's official news platform) even highlights how soon this new order comes after the incident, but then states that the government hasn't mentioned it, despite being a government source having mentioned it in that exact sentence.

All around this new Executive Order will stifle the ability to express one's freedom of speech within Dracul, and shows the downwards trend that the micronation has been following at an escalated fashion, in which it declares bans on free speech in order to protect the very concept of which the bans are against.

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