McKeen and Madgett, Publicly State Wish to Destroy Cycoldia, GUM, and Others

In a leaked Teledu Preifat Cwnpan (TPC) debate of McKeen vs Bellicoso, both Terry McKeen and Charles Madgett were seen speaking concerning their plans to both attempt to attack and coup several micronations and their intent to "destroy Cycoldia" and split the GUM for themselves as spheres of influence. Throughout the broadcast they speak about their intents to attack several micronations such as Wynnland, and mention the possibility of attacking Christina I personally, with Madgett mentioning he is "two hours away" from her and Cycoldia.

The Leak

The broadcast was leaked originally to GP by a source which shall not be named for the sake of anonymity, though the full video may be found here on Grandeur Print's channel as a mirror upload of the original unlisted video. The leak was found as a viewer of the debate had been recording the stream as it came out from TPC and then later sent the footage to several outlets.

The Content

In the video McKeen and Madgett discussed their ideas of how to "destroy Cycoldia" and listed their wish to go to Houston and attack Christina I. During this as well they said about how they disliked the Government of Wynnland, stating them as puppets, and later stating that they wished to injure members of the Grand Unified Micronational, with Madgett saying to McKeen about how they could win a "war" after McKeen had asked how he would get to nations since he said "you can't drive to every nation":

"Not as long as I don't have their address, but ya know what I do know? General location, I have IP address, ya know what that gives me? City, door to door knocking, I am that persistent, I will persevere in the face of evil, destroying all those who stand in my way, this will be a legendary crusade, where Elarians will rise as the greatest micronations that has ever existed"

In this he details his wish to use illegal tracing methods to dox individuals in the GUM and then as well to use their IP addresses to locate them personally, insinuating his wish as well to harm them after finding them. In this way he on camera did admit to several crimes, and as well specified that he wishes to hurt many people in his efforts. Below is the full recording of the debate as recorded by a viewer of the debate who's name will stay anonymous.


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