General Assembly Elections

The new election season for the March Assembly has begun, with sign ups opening on April 8th this year. At the time of writing this on the 18th of April, there has been all but one incumbent signing up, as well as one newcomer of Kevon Burnett.

Assembly Members

The current incumbent assembly members are:

  • Colin Paul, MP (ex officio)

  • Thaddeus Miller, MP (ex officio)

  • Rory McPhail, MP

  • Christopher Tran, UP

  • Vincent von Ironside, MP

The newcomers this election are:

  • Kevon Burnett

Currently the seats are held by a majority of monarchist party members (4/5), with the Earl of Northshore being the only non monarchist party member, being leader of the Unitary Party. Although both Paul and Miller were officially placed in the March Assembly, they were some of the most popular candidates in the last full general election following the Assembly Shortening Act.

Rory McPhail

McPhail has consistently run and won elections, despite not being placed highly on the Imperial Ballot during the last election, being placed 11th out of 11. He has served several terms in the General Assembly, and has served in the Cycoldian Navy and attended Prezan Academy. They are a member as well of the Monarchist Party.

Christopher Tran

Tran has held several offices during their tenure, being the former Foreign Minister before Arthur Lacey-Scott was later placed to the office. They have not placed highly on the Imperial Ballot, being 9th out of 11, but have been called as the one non monarchist party member who has HIM's support in the General Assembly consistently. They are the sole member of the Unitary Party to hold a seat in the General Assembly at this time.

Vincent von Ironside

Despite losing the last election of the General Assembly, they were placed in the General Assembly by the removal of Eugene Smith from the body. They placed 8th out of 11 on the last Imperial Ballot, and has been endorsed personally by HIM. They are a member of the Monarchist Party and have as well publicly stated they are a monarchist.

Kevon Burnett

Burnett has not run in the General Assembly in the past, nor have they held office in Cycoldia, being a newcomer to the election cycle. They are a member of the Monarchist Party.


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