War Averted Between Belgica and Fesmar

War nearly dodged

Today on the 18th of June the nation of Fesmar had attempted a Coup of the nation of Belgica, where Fesmar attempted to elevate the then Crown Prince Raolin Chamberstar to the throne. This was met with Jules I of Belgica immediately detaining Raolin. During this time Raolin then transfered around 60% of the nation of Belgica, claiming that he was still Crown Prince. Following that Fesmar stationed troops in Belgica. his was met with intense an intense lash back from the intermicronational community, with Christopher I of Cycoldia sending the ultimatum of "Emperor Kenneth Fydtroust II if your forces and claims are not reverted out of the territories of Belgica per 12:00AM CT this morning by 4:00PM CT then I will have no choice but to declare a state of war between Fesmar and Cycoldia". Luckily Fesmar backed down, and a treaty was signed.

New Prime Minister

Yesterday on the 17th of June the new Prime Minister of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia. Kristopher E. was sworn in as the Prime Minister of Cycoldia at 10:23PM Central Time. The Prime Minister has made no current address to the nation.

Farmer's Party Supports Socialism

Recently the Farmer's Party of Cycoldia has made it official that it supports the ideology of Socialism. Executive Ginger has been yet to either deem a logo to the party, or the reason to be choosing the ideology of Socialism.