Lessons Never Learned: My history with Terry McKeen III

I’ve always considered myself right wing politically in some form or another, but I never embraced it as a personality trait or a lifestyle. I keep some thoughts on things to myself, and explain my reasoning when called upon. That unfortunately is not what happened with the most hated Rhode Islander in micronationalism.

I initially met Terry in the chambers of Ela’r’oech’s Parliament. Terry was the very formal Speaker of Parliament, representing the newly formed constituent of Zeprana. However, his unquenchable desire for formality in a rough and ready Parliament proved to be his first undoing. A motion of confidence was held, and he was removed, replaced by myself. In response, Zeprana seceded from Ela’r’oech. And this begins a cycle of falls from grace, running away and foreign domination.

Terry supported the Carolusian cause in the First Elarian Monarchy Dispute and campaigned for the removal of all people who even felt bad for Christina I of Cycoldia. As the main negotiator who reconciled Christina’s government officials, the demands were considered inflammatory to the peace process, and a compromise was made. Yet Terry and his friends were not satisfied. It lead to Christina abdicating just before Christmas due to the vocal hatred of Terry and others. Almost a year later, another Monarchy dispute in Ela’r’oech was in swing, and I realized how blindly a follower I had become.

The downward spiral of Terry intensified in the Second dispute, as Terry demonstrated beliefs of transphobia, which lead to an immediate hit to his popularity. He was barred from the Cupertino Alliance, after his statements leaked. After the dispute was over, things seemed to go back to normal. But one last fall from grace was going to happen.

In May of this year, McKeen revealed Zeprana to the public once more. Everything seemed to run smoothly. McKeen won the Presidency and Bryce Smith was appointed to the Chancellorship. However soon afterwards McKeen resigned from the position for incompetence and poor moderation of his own server, as he abused his ownership to silence critics. Matthew Cunningham succeeded him. However, Bryce found loopholes in the constitution that he wrote that allowed him to pretty much circumvent the President, one thing leads to another, and Zeprana splits in thirds: McKeen, Smith and Cunningham. When the argumentative dust settled, everyone involved agreed to two Zepranas. Everyone except Terry. Despite conceding to Smith, McKeen cowardly escapes and forms Arcadia, essentially a puppet state of Fontasia and later Almenderia. McKeen’s nature was now in full display, and would be further accentuated with the threatening of TPC, GUM and Cycoldia with my friend Charles Madgett. Upon reading about this unnecessary slander and threats against well established institutions in the Microwiki Sector, I as the executive King of Pontunia cut off all relations with Ela’r’oech, and refused recognition to Arcadia. I was ashamed of them, for the men I knew as a friend and a sensible person had fallen into the darkness.


Andrew Perdomo

Andrew Perdomo is the monarch of Pontunia and formerly was an Austenasian noble. He has worked in sectors where he was involved with Terry McKeen III several times and wrote this article based on his own personal analysis.

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