House of Lords

The House of Lords is the secondary legislative body of Cycoldia. It is comprised of appointed members of the nobility who are both hereditary and life peers. It was created by the Lords Act of 2022. It is an alternative legislature to the General Assembly, although it serves beneath it. All acts passed by the House of Lords must be reviewed by the Speaker of the General Assembly, Prime Minister, and Summi Imperatoria to review them as according to the act. As well sittings of the House of Lords are public to members of the General Assembly, but not members of the public.

The House of Lords is presided over by the Summi Imperatoria or Regent if the Summi Imperatoria isn't present or able to preside over it. It has consistently stayed less partisan than the General Assembly, with a significantly larger amount of  independent members of the House of Lords.

A graph of the House of Lords is found below:

Monarchist Party (10)
Unitary Party (2)
Independent (7)

Members of the House of Lords: