Emersonac Committing Act of War

Emersonac attacks

Emersonac has been always against Cycoldia, but recently tensions have risen. This is due to Emersonac using extreme action, including aiding a coup over a puppet of Cycoldia. These are both acts of war, as now Emersonac has shown their true intent of wanting to annihilate Cycoldia from the face of the Earth, the government's only wish is peace though, as Emersonac is the one being hostile against Cycoldia we must be patient. We must be agile, but we must not be quick to action. We have to say vigilant and string while Emersonac is being hostile. If they strike first we must be prepared to defend against Emersonac's hostile and offensive plan. As a people we will live and strive for life against the evil agenda of Emersonac. As well the nation pulled in the area known as the NSE to walk on treaties that they had made, even bragging about how them and Emersonac had attacked out great nation

Tequrorvidea Annexed

The nation known as Ticronvidia formerly was annexed into our Grand Republic on August 24th, with the following terms

1. The Second Kingdom of Ticronvidia will become a semi-independent duchy of the Grand Republic of Cycoldia.

2. Ticronvidia will rename to Tequrovidea

3. Tequrovidea will have a local army, a local currency, local laws (while still abiding by Cycoldian laws), and the Ticronvidian Protectorates of Hosamia and Wefren are to be autonomous duchies within Tequrovidea