Christina I Declares State of Emergency

Cycoldia Declares a State of Emergency

As of this newspaper on the 17th of March 2020 there is one suspected case of COVID-19 in Cycoldia, and in response HIM Christina I declared a State of Emergency, saying on Discord in the official announcements "The Grand Republic of Cycoldia now has the first suspected case of COVID-19 as of today, remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and to try to stay 6ft away from anyone else. Only get a mask if you are suspected to have the virus. Therefore I declare a State of Emergency in the Grand Republic of Cycoldia." As well other measures have been taken, such as the recent forming of an emergency Ministry of Health under the leadership of Anna Telford, we reached out to her for a statement, and she said "". Through the announcement the government has suggested that you do not hog masks for yourself, as medical caretakers require masks.

Christina I pushes for self-isolation

Christina I has said that people should use self-isolation to try to stay safe from the Coronavirus, having been in self-isolation in the Capital Building for the last multiple days, she says that she is speaking to the Ministry of Health regularly on her health. She also announced that you should wash your hands regularly and only do essential travel.

Trouble in Altearn

The government of Altearn has recently gone to more authoritarian measures with it's new leader of Erika I, as he had formerly declared that the constitution would be suspended for some time, Cycoldia already placed some pressure on the new leader who already declared that "National executive elections will no longer be held", with Cycoldia suspending all treaties with the nation.