Elysium Emperor Abdicates then Returns

Sir Appleby demands Government obey constitution, Emperor abdicates

Today, on the 25th of July at 2:25CT the Emperor of Elysium, Robert II, abdicated the throne after pressure from the citizens of the nation. The main person who had been against the Emperor was Sir Humphrey Appleby, who said "The government situation in the federation has been disappointed and destructive. The government has failed in its duty to uphold the constitution and has broken It many times and refused to take responsibility. I simply was the speaker of a wider audience who felted the constitution was not being followed and there needs to be more checks and balances on the emperor and cabinet". The former Emperor (while still in power) did attempt to accuse Sir Appleby of treason, but after a short time he dropped all charges. The former Emperor then took the government over in a non-violent coup. The person who was placed on the throne (Emperor Tau I) was then forced to abdicate by coup, allowing Robert II to return as the monarch. To reform the nation the "Great Elysium" was formed, to make the reform of the Constitution and other documents were put in place, all of the previous legislature was removed, other then basic laws. The current pieces proposed in Great Elysium are: The Archive Bill, Elysium Government Continuation Acts, and the Elysium Constitution.