United Kingdom of Creek and Lake

The United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is a full member state of the Cycoldian Imperium, and has existed upon records since 2018, even predating Cycoldia. The Prime Minister ad interim of the UKCL is Ra'ees Richards. The UKCL has one of the most advanced peerage systems in micronationalism, and had over three hundred government documents written before even joining the Imperium.  The UKCL is sometimes called the "Crown Jewel of the Cycoldian Imperium" from how developed as a micronation the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake is. The Crown of the UKCL is the Crown of Saint Orr, though the original was lost after it was damaged following the coronation of Queen Erika. Queen Erica later abdicated to Christina I & II, in which the UKCL then joined the Cycoldian Imperium upon its founding following the Second Act of Union of the UKCL. 

You can apply to become a citizen of the United Kingdom of Creek and Lake here, and as well automatically become an Imperial Citizen of the Cycoldian Imperium.

The current Crown of Saint Orr

Christina I & II wearing the Crown of Saint Orr for her 16th Birthday photo

The original Crown of Saint Orr

The National Flag of the UKCL

The Colonial Flag of the UKCL