Foreign & Colonial Office

Cycoldia is in the YAMO Federation, and is also in relations with multiple other nations, and the Foreign Office officially recognises all UN member states other than the current UN delegated governments in the area of Israel/Palestine, China, Saudi Arabia, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, as Cycoldia supports the legitimacy of the Republic of China and the Government in Exile of the Belarusian Democratic Republic. Cycoldia as well recognises Vatican City,  Westarctica,  Molossia, Ruritania, and Slabovia, although these relations are unilateral.
To apply for recognition or foreign relations please email the Foreign & Colonial Minister at

The following is an approximate map of all nations which Cycoldia recognises:*

Dark Grey - A recognised nation
Light Grey - No recognised nation on the land shown
(The United States is shown divided into all recognised subdivisions, as well while not able to show on the map, China is recognised as the Republic of China and Belarus is recognised as the Belarusian Democratic Republic)

* -  The map does not include micronations on it as they are commonly too small to properly quantify on the map.